Gli+z specializes in bridal make-up and stronglly believes in natural beauty. We perform make up and hairdos for almost any functions, both traditional and modern

Founded in 2009, Glitz Bridal Studio offers a range of services. From daily beauty routines such as threading, facial and waxing to elaborate makeovers for engagements, weddings and dinners, everything can be found at Glitz Bridal Studio. Shantini is also a specialist when it comes to both traditional and modern adornment which includes the saree draping as well as unique and unconventional hairdos. Her intricate yet elaborate henna designs have also garnered attention and praises from many.


"We understand the importance of each bride wanting to look her best on her big day, which is why we ensure the right products and make-up is used to accentuate her natural beauty. Some of the things we take into consideration are skin type, shape of the face and physique to ensure only the best for each customer"

Shantini Prithivi Raj, Founder of Glitz Bridal Studio